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Shoes (Johnny & Louise) - Reparata & The Delrons

Reparata & The Delrons
Click below and listen to one of the strangest wedding-related pieces of music of all time - well, apart from the reception I attended after a soulless civil ceremony in Suffolk where the Bride and her father slow-danced to a saxophone solo Sexual Healing on an otherwise empty function hall floor, but that's beside the point...

Here the second Reparata (60s girl groups members were shuffled, substituted, renamed, regenerated and replaced more often than Spanish soccer managers, Doctor Whos and Central American opposition leaders combined) sings of a family wedding, bazouki-playing Uncles and halloumi cheese starters.

Modern weddings are to be avoided at all costs. In my adult life, I've seen more romantic comedy films about weddings then I've actually been to weddings, though they're barely any better.

It's a truism that newly-weds experience a sense of deflation after the big day and comedies about weddings sink without trace; launched with ad campaigns co-sponsored by body spray brands then six weeks later they're on dvd, selling for £2.99 at

The second Reparata, Lorraine Mazzola, later reappeared as part of Lady Flash, Barry Manilow's back-up vocal band. Barry Manilow... funny how he never married.

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Teardrop City - Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
Cue canned laughter, cue shaky sets, cue a mugging Larry Hagman disguised as a his fictional hippie twin in an attempt to fool the boss, here come Bubblegum stalwarts Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart with a typical tune; part day-glo chart pop, part early Stones.

After spending the 60s composing for the Monkees, Cola Commercials and songs for sappy sitcoms like I Dream of Jeannie, Boyce and Hart teamed-up with Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz, the two ex-Monkees with the worst hair, to cover old songs and tour amusement parks and model villages.

In the late seventies Tommy Boyce formed Tommy Band and toured England. The tour wasn't a success; In a venue in the Middlesborough, the band performed to just one paying customer. This was at a time when pop music was still considered as a form of witchcraft in the North East. Pop music and salad.

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